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Increase Online Visibility

Increase Online Visibility

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Gather Business Intelligence

Local Businesses: Unleash the Power of Search Engine Optimisation(SEO)

I am Sam Ahmed, my Google manifesto is to rank your business website on Page One of Google Search. Page One ranking can transform your business dramatically with a consistent flow of qualified leads that can have a huge positive impact on your top line revenues and net profits.

The sample table below illustrates the impact Page One ranking can have on your Profit & Loss(P&L) Statement.

Now coming to you, assume you were looking for SEO services and typed in ‘Vancouver SEO’ in Google and found this page. In a nutshell, you found this page primarily by the intrinsic power of Search Engine Optimisation. Vancouver located in beautiful British Columbia is one of Canada’s largest cities. Vancouver SEO or Vancouver SEO Expert is a tough keyword search term to rank given the inherent competition. My ability to top rank this keyword implies a natural capability to rank keywords that are relevant to your business too. Think about that for a second or two!

My agency, North Perch is the prime Vancouver SEO Agency. We specialize in search engine optimization no doubt, but we believe in search engine domination covering other vital areas of internet marketing – social media, video marketing and responsive mobile web design.

Is SEO That Important?

My core belief is that businesses need to delight their customers immaterial of whether they are online or offline. The first obvious challenge for online businesses is to get a steady and sustainable flow of traffic (read potential leads). The next challenge is conversion. Traffic and Conversion are the two key components of the ‘blood’ that powers a business’s heart. That is why SEO and Traffic become firmly entwined in an virtuous digital dance. SEO literally carries the ‘genetic code’ of your online business. This genetic code is read by Search Engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) for relevancy vis-à-vis a search query(keyword), for e.g. plumbers vancouver, dentists north vancouver, auto repair vancouver. High Relevancy gives birth to a dream digital outcome – Page One Ranking. Page One Ranking gives rise to uber-traffic. Traffic in turn subtly enhances the genetic code(SEO). The wheels of your Customer Acquisition Cycle are now set in motion. This is one of the primary benefits of partnering with a Vancouver SEO Expert to boost your online visibility and enhance your revenues multi-fold.

SEO or Pay-per-click(PPC)?

The key difference between SEO and PPC is that SEO generates ‘Free Traffic,’ while PPC generates ‘Paid Traffic.’

PPC is very much a temporary solution that imposes an ever-increasing fixed cost burden on your P&L statement thereby impacting your bottom line. In the long run, PPC is an unsustainable expense and could sound the death knell of the business itself. PPC dependant ecommerce companies are a shining example of death by PPC. Moreover, the contribution of PPC traffic to search engine ranking is minimal. Last but not the least, PPC generates a very sparsely loyal customer base which can hurt your brand value.

SEO on the other hand has a sense of permanence attached to it. The investment once made in SEO is sustainable and consistent in terms of outcomes over the long run. SEO if done right, contributes to top ranking in search engines. SEO generates trust and relevancy, both of which are prized very highly by search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. Last but not the least, SEO bullet proofs your online brand. As a customer, you should be aware that genuine SEO, apart from the initial investment needs, is a unique function of time and patience too. Both of which are needed to attain sustainable top rankings. Once ranked, your business will reap its rich rewards.

SEO Expert – Who, What & Why?

Let us start by taking the case of top-notch, high-priced digital marketing agencies who tout their capabilities on running successful Google Ads campaigns. I assure you 99.9% of these agencies are clueless about a very simple fact. Ask them, “How many types of Google Networks are there?” You will be lucky to get an answer. The choice of a type of Google Network will dictate the structure of the Ads campaign, its goals, its target audience, the spend and campaign outcomes. If ignorance is bliss, how do you expect these agencies to generate an ROI on your Google Ads campaigns? In sum, your valuable marketing dollars have gone up in pure smoke.

Coming to SEO, a slightly more complex ecosystem. One must realize you are dealing with Google’s prime Artificial Intelligence(AI) powered software engine that is in constant flux – learning, unlearning and morphing every second of the day. Behind this apparent technical complexity lies simplicity that a true professional SEO practitioner will unearth and implement his optimization plans to top rank your website. In addition, your SEO Expert will need to be a master at Project Management, Client Communication, Problem Solving, Business Advising, Decision Making and much more. Go broad and deep as you decide on the right SEO Partner.

As your Vancouver SEO Expert, your business will benefit immensely by partnering with us. We would be delighted to have you on-board as our client and make a true difference to your business.

“Think SEO, Think North Perch”

Sam Ahmed | Vancouver SEO Expert

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